Front Milk Racing 18”x1.85 wheel benefit over stock: 1. Wider and stronger rim 2. You can put very knobby and wider tire which means more grip 3. You have more tire options than on stock - 19"x1.40 rim size is not desinged for wide off-road tires 4. Better for trail riding - wider tire is fatter so you can also go with lower pressure and it is more resistant for pinching 5. Wider tire is more flexible and you can have more traction on a hard surface like rocks etc. with lower pressure 6. Better hub than stock – super sealed with additional o-rings. 7. Better looking bike with fatter and wider wheel Milk Racing Wheels Sold worldwide and test proven by thousands of customers on six continents - the best quality/price wheels on the market. Upgraded, reinforced rims stained with anodizing process give them more scratch and corrosion-resistant surface than standard paint. Super strong upgraded stainless steel spokes and double-size brass nipples (stronger and more corrosion resistant than aluminium type) lanced with 3-cross spoke pattern make Milk Racing wheels strong enough to withstand more than what Talaria bike can stand. Our main goal is to give alternative wheel upgrade options for expensive competitors’ products and give the best product experience possible, providing as much hardware as possible to make it hassle-free as possible for you to focus on riding rather on figure how to put upgrade in. Wheels always come with tools, spare spokes, spoke wrench, inner tube, rim band and rim lock – you only miss fitting a tire on. If you need 100% Plug&Play wheels, we offer tire fitting as a standard offer. Wheels come ready to ride straight from the box. A tubeless system can be fitted as well. As a direct producer, we provide customization such as colour combinations, dishing and others.
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