Do wheels fit X160/Youth SurRon version?

Sure it will. X160/Youth version differs from the standard only by smaller wheels, powertrain and front fork. The frame or any other construction desing is the same.

Dual or single front hub?

You can go with both as they will fit your bike anyway. Dual gives you the possibility to mount a second disc brake if you would plan to upgrade in the future.

Will my belt kit work with your wheels?

Sure! As long the belt is farther or in the same position as the OEM chain, you can still use your upgraded belt kit. If the belt is closer to the wheel, it might rub with wide tires.

Which tires will fit your wheels?

For off-road wheels, we choose 1.85 rim width – it is a perfect size for SurRon/Talaria because the widest possible tire that fits the bike will fit the rim. For on-road wheels, we highly recommend using our combination available on the product site or at least with the exact sizes for each rim. Any other […]

What sprocket should I choose for my upgraded wheels?

Stock Surron/Talaria has 19″ small tires and a 48T sprocket. 18″ Wide and Super Wide tires have the same diameter, so the top speed would be the same, but to compensate for the additional weight, we recommend upgrading to the larger sprocket.16″ SuperMoto tires are a bit smaller than OEM, so in order to keep […]

Where is my order?

You don’t need to contact us about order updates – each will be sent via e-mail, and if needed, all current details can be checked on the order site in your profile or in the link we sent you after making the order.